The following frequently asked questions are common concerns customers have before purchasing a car light.
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Vland FAQ

In fact, Vland has a diverse sales team. Therefore, there are many sites that can confuse you. https://jp.vlandshop.com is an official website exclusively for Japanese customers, and you can rest assured that all products are shipped from Vland warehouses.

Some taillights have DOT certification, while others do not. Please contact customer service for more information.

Most standard shipments are sent through local warehouses. If we are out of stock, the item will be shipped directly from our China warehouse.

Most taillights are plug and play, but some are not. For more information, view the information on the product detail page or contact customer service.

Most Vland headlights are compatible with the original bulb, so you can use the original bulb during installation. For LED headlights, there is no need to buy additional bulbs as the lamp beads are already included. You can also refer to the manual.

1, Please contact the customer service of the original sales channel first.

2, Please prepare the screenshot or order number of your order, photos and videos of after-sales problems, and the barcode (found on the back of the car light or on the carton).

3. Send the materials to the email sale@jp.vlandshop.com. Of course, you can also contact our online customer service staff directly.

Transportation FAQ

No updates at all: Even if a package is picked up, the carrier may not scan the label until it arrives at the first sorting facility. This is often worse during busy and busy periods, but rest assured that your luggage is not truly lost. Updates are often delivered before they appear online. Stop updates: Contact your shipping carrier for your tracking number and let them know that something seems to be wrong. In many cases, they can start tracking the package and keep it moving. All shipping labels are generated electronically according to the address information provided during your order. Shipping Insurance: If you would like your package to be fully insured, you must select optional insurance at checkout. We will promptly ship a replacement item with insurance. No need to wait. If insurance is not added, we will assist you by filing a claim, but the final outcome will be determined by the carrier.

common problems

Some upgrade headlights come with plugs that fit the original xenon lens. If your original headlights use factory halogen bulbs, you will need a converter. Typically, there is a pair of converters in the package for lights that find themselves in this situation.

Basic knowledge

The energy for the headlights is supplied by the battery, so if the battery dies, the headlights will not turn on or will be very dim.

Here are some reasons that can cause this issue:

1. The current may be too large. You can measure the voltage and current of the power supply behind the lamp cap. Typical voltage is 12V and current is 5A. If the voltage and current exceed the standards, the current must be adjusted.

2. There may be a problem with the circuit. You will need to find a specialist for inspection and maintenance.

3. There may be a problem with the quality of the bulb. You can solve the problem by replacing the bulb with a better quality bulb.

Yes, car headlights dim over time. If your headlights become weaker over time, you may need to replace the bulbs.

Simply put, LEDs have advantages over HIDs, such as faster start-up time, lower power consumption, energy savings, and longer lifespan. Compared with LED, HID has brighter brightness, stronger environmental temperature resistance, lower heat dissipation requirements, and mature and reliable technology.

All early car headlights were these halogen headlights. Although developed over many years, many low-profile models come equipped with halogen headlights from the factory. Halogen headlights have a simple structure, are easy to replace, and have strong light transmission power.

LED headlights that have appeared in recent years are mainly based on the principle of emitting light using light emitting diodes. LED headlights with low power consumption and high brightness are now used in many high-end models. However, LED headlights also have drawbacks. The color temperature is usually high, and the car light penetration is relatively low in case of rain or fog. This is why many people do not recommend retrofitting LED lights. But recently, there have been certain developments in LED car lights. The introduction of LED car lights with variable color temperature compensates for this shortcoming.

There are many reasons why your headlights won't turn on, including burnt out bulbs, overheated wires, damaged relays or combination switches, shorted wires, damaged fuses, and bad circuit connections. First you need to check if the fuse is in good condition. The most common reason why your headlights won't turn on is because the fuse in the light bulb has blown.

failure problem

To check the problem of your car's LED turn signals, you can check the following methods in preference:

Step 1: Turn on the dual flash function and check if it is working properly. If not, your car battery may be undervolted (voltage is unstable) and your car may be running out of power. At this time, you need to increase the capacitance of the car at the corresponding positions (680UF, 1000UF, 3300UF).

Step 2: If your car's double flash is OK, turn on one turn signal and check if it works properly. If your one-sided turn signal flashes rapidly, there is a problem with the lamp power. In this case, you need to use a 12V7.5Ω golden dummy load to increase the power and reach the actual wattage.

For more information, please contact customer service at Vland Car Lamp Store. Our customer service staff will determine the specifications of the capacitor or golden dummy load that should be used.

It is necessary to check that the positive and negative poles of the brake or steering circuit are not inserted backwards, or that the plug is not disconnected. If checking the socket does not resolve the issue, please feel free to contact the customer service staff of your original retailer.

You can prioritize the following methods to check the issue of car taillight backlight not working.

Step 1: If one or more lamp beads in the backlight do not work, confirm that the LED taillight is defective and requires after-sales service. You can contact the service personnel at the original store directly.

Step 2: If the entire reverse light does not work, first check if the reverse fuse is damaged. The tail light wiring harness may be loose or not making contact and you will need to reconnect the wiring harness.

If your car's LED high beams and low beams do not turn on, you can check them first using the following method.

Step 1: Replace the left and right lights to eliminate the possibility of fuse damage, and replace the high and low beam drivers to see if they get brighter. After doing this, if you find that your driver is broken, you can contact the customer service staff of your original retailer directly.

Step 2: If the driver is OK, check to see if the wire harness assembly plug needle is removed. If yes, please contact the original retailer's customer service staff directly to replace the plug.

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